Live Rosin Vape Carts: How We Make Our Full-Spectrum, Solventless Hash Oil

A single puff from a vape pen is enough to distinguish äkta’s full-spectrum, Live Rosin Vape Carts from other concentrates. Found in all of our vape cartridges, our golden solventless hash oil presents a true expression of the cannabis plant—maintaining the seductive aromas and cannabinoid-centered entourage effects of the plant at its best.

The artisan process of making our world-class, full-spectrum hash oil is deceptively straightforward but yields unforgettable results. Here’s the inside story on how we present an upgraded vaping experience that stays faithful to natural cannabis in every sense:

Ice to Meet You

Step one begins with the seeds themselves. We partner with the finest cultivators and breeders to obtain the cannabis that best expresses their particular approach to the plant and its many unique cultivars.

Once the flower has reached full maturity, it’s harvested and immediately flash-frozen. This quick action preserves the plant at peak freshness by protecting its trichomes—the resinous glands containing the plant’s full array of cannabinoids and its terpenes, which contribute to the smell and taste of that particular strain.

While other forms of hash oil and distillate concentrate may be processed so they’re rich in the cannabinoids THC or CBD, they contain little else and generally offer more of a one-dimensional cannabis vaping experience. At äkta, we feel that the purest cannabis oil is one that remains true to the plant and the hundreds of compounds produced within the original flower.

Soak ’Em If You Got ’Em

When it’s time to make äkta’s full-spectrum, solventless hash oil, we remove the cannabis flower from the freezer and dunk everything into a vat of filtered ice water, using mild agitation and fine mesh screens to separate the trichomes from the plant matter. The trichomes are gathered together, forming a solid known as ice-water hash or bubble hash, which will later be transformed into a viscous liquid.

This marks a sharp departure from how other manufacturers choose to produce their hash oil. Often, they will add a chemical solvent to harvested plant matter to isolate the THC. Solvent examples include such noxious substances as butane or propane, and while products in the regulated marketplace are tested for contaminants, there exists some risk of trace residue. Even solventless methods such as CO2 extraction are limiting, due to the fact that the complex process of pressure and temperature changes can lead to terpene loss.

At äkta, our hash-making process is entirely solventless, and because the trichomes are delicately separated without chemical or temperature-reliant methods to isolate cannabinoids such as THC or CBD, the hash oil won’t lose any cannabinoid or terpene components and will remain the fullest representation of what cannabis flower has to offer.

A Pressing Matter

The next important steps are what results in äkta’s outstanding full-spectrum hash oil. After laying out the solid hash onto a commercial rosin press, it is very gently heated and compressed until it takes on the consistency of molasses. At this point it is naturally cured to develop the flavor profile and entourage effects.

Finally, this first-press hash oil is ready to be used in our Live Rosin Vape Carts and Live Rosin Gummies.

The simplest way of making hash oil yields the most pronounced results. At no step in this process are the cannabinoids or terpenes eradicated in favor of a higher THC content, as is common practice.

äkta’s first-press, solventless hash oil stays faithful to its source: carefully cultivated cannabis flower. And the experience it delivers is what made us fall in love with the plant to begin with—although we are equally enamored with the modern convenience of enjoying full-spectrum natural cannabis in a vape pen or gummy.

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