Hava Gardens: Why Living Soil Cannabis Produces Richer Terpenes

Try eating a delicious, home-cooked meal with a stuffy nose and you’ll understand how important your sense of smell can be to taste and enjoyment. There’s a lot of buzz about how different strains of cannabis make you feel, but what’s equally important is how they smell and what that means for the overall experience.

Yes, percentages of THC, CBD and other cannabinoids are noteworthy, but so are the strain’s terpenes—the elements of the cannabis plant that lend their distinct aromas and have beneficial health properties in their own right. Terpene profiles set strains apart from one another and work with cannabinoids to enhance them for an entourage of wellness benefits.

At Hava Gardens, we appreciate the vast spectrum of cannabis and how each strain represents a unique experience for the consumer. The hundreds of terpenes found in cannabis are front and center, whether it’s an uplifting limonene-forward citrusy sativa or a linalool-heavy indica reminiscent of relaxing lavender.

We also know that the healthiest plants have the most robust terpene profiles. So how do we help our plants reach their full potential? They’re grown in living soil.

Here’s more about how living soil differs from what you’ll find in many grow rooms, and how it contributes to richer terpene profiles and, ultimately, premium cannabis.

What Is Living Soil Cannabis?

To grow the best cannabis, it takes a village.

This particular village has settled in the soil and serves as home to probiotic microorganisms. Living soil is teeming with beneficial bacteria, fungi, nematodes, arthropods and other tiny creatures that exist in symbiosis with the cannabis plants.

The organisms dine on all-natural food sources such as worm castings, kelp meal, molasses, biochar and insect frass, breaking down minerals and organic matter into nutrients for the cannabis roots to take in and continually nourish the plant. The process of sustaining the ecosystem also encourages aeration of the soil, enabling plants to easily spread their roots and grow to their peak maturity.

Living soil serves a dual purpose. Not only does it provide a foundation upon which the cannabis plant can flourish, but does so without the need for artificial fertilizers or harsh pesticides. At Hava Gardens, we mimic Mother Nature. After all, plants thrived on their own long before humans came on the scene. 

What Makes a Cannabis Strain Unique?

Though terpenes are not visible to the naked eye, you can generally tell when they exist in abundance not only by the tantalizing aromas, but by how bright and shiny the buds appear. Healthy cannabis is coated in glistening, resinous trichome crystals—home to a suite of cannabinoids and terpenes.

The makeup of these trichomes is determined by the plant’s particular strain genetics. Cannabis strains have originated in different areas of the world, with distinct climates and levels of sunlight. Sativas, indicas and hybrids represent different growth habits and cannabinoid and terpene production, which means each strain’s collection of terpenes is slightly different from the others.

The better the growing environment, the greater the production of trichomes—which translates into a richer terpene profile. And there’s no better growing environment than a greenhouse with living soil.

Stronger With Each and Every Grow

It takes a bit of preparation to ensure living soil is ready to encourage the greenest green of grows, but we’re playing the long game at Hava Gardens. While many cultivators discard their growing media post-harvest and start anew with each grow cycle, living soil is designed to be reused.

The soil ecosystem kicks things off right for baby plants with nutrients and aerated soil with plenty of openings for new roots to occupy. Thanks to the steady addition of natural inputs, the strength of the ecosystem increases the more the living soil gets used.

This process also allows Hava Gardens to maintain our commitment to sustainability—by recycling living soil, we reduce the amount of agricultural waste headed for the landfill.

Savor the Difference

The experience of enjoying carefully cultivated cannabis is made all the more sublime thanks to the high terpene count of our flower—and you can credit living soil for the effects and aromas you will experience.

Find Hava Gardens living soil cannabis at a dispensary near you, and check out infused products featuring our flower from our friends at äkta, maker of craft Live Rosin concentrates, vape carts and gummies.

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