Solventless Rosin: A New Horizon for Cannabis Edibles?

Cannabis rosins are quickly taking center stage in the legal market. Considered by many to be the highest quality, cleanest cannabis concentrates available, solventless extracts aren’t produced with hydrocarbons or harsh chemicals, only ice water along with a bit of heat and pressure.

However, in edibles production, many producers prefer to work with distillates that strip nearly all the compounds from the oils, except THC. This process affords them a potent starting point for infusions and allows them to add specific terpenes back into the product to manipulate and control flavor and effect.

But, while cannabis distillates offer THC potencies as high as 99%, connoisseurs know and understand that with cannabis, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. And thanks to cannabis edible producers like äkta, a woman-led cannabis brand in Colorado, true full-spectrum edibles are making a comeback with rosin.

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