5 Things to Know About Cold-Cured Live Rosin Batter

When it comes to live rosin, we at äkta are all about the cold cure. Why? Well, in a nutshell, cold curing allows us to make the best live rosin possible.

Cold curing helps our rosin transform into the smooth, cake-batter like consistency that we love, and it doesn’t separate over time—which can be an issue with warm cures. Another big advantage to cold curing is that it preserves terpenes, flavor and potency during the curing process. Here are five more things to know about äkta’s Cold-Cure Live Rosin Batter and what sets it apart from the pack:

1. It starts with the freshest cannabis

At äkta, we make all of our concentrates, including our Cold-Cure Rosin Batter, from the freshest, highest-quality flower from our single-source partner, Hava Gardens. They grow their flower in Living Soil—which contains a microscopic ecosystem that provides all-natural nutrients to the plant, protects it from pests and yields some of the most dynamic and satisfying cannabis we’ve ever experienced. We immediately flash freeze the flower after harvest to protect the trichomes and ensure that what you dab is nearly compositionally equivalent to the flower you would smoke.

2. It’s handmade

An entourage of two is hardly an entourage at all, which is why we ensure that the entourage effect present in äkta’s 1:1 gummies is the result of a deep bench, thanks to our full-spectrum Live Rosin.

Studies have identified more than 100 different cannabinoids in the flower and roughly 540 other compounds such as terpenes and flavonoids. At akta, we believe that the best way to enjoy cannabis is in the purest way possible, so we utilize a traditional hash-making process that captures the full spectrum of beneficial cannabis compounds on the way to creating solventless Live Rosin.

Starting with only the freshest cannabis buds, we use an ice-water bath to separate the plant trichomes that contain the cannabinoids and terpenes, and collect them as condensed hash. We then gently heat and press the hash until it becomes golden and ready to vape or add to a gummy.

We eschew the use of solvents, which are often noxious petrochemicals that isolate the THC cannabinoid but decimate anything else. The result is small-batch, strain-specific Live Rosin that has the full spectrum of cannabinoids.

3. It stays true to the source

Pure cannabis flower, especially that of Hava Gardens, contains a rich tapestry of terpenes and cannabinoids capable of seducing even the most tentative of connoisseurs. Why should concentrates be any different?

At äkta, our process of making live rosin, which forms the base of our Cold-Cure Rosin Batter, remains simple and yields the purest results. When transforming our ice water hash into liquid rosin, we apply low heat and light pressure to separate the oil from the solid matter—preserving the plant’s trichomes and cannabinoids so each dab is as flavorful as the flower itself.

4. It really, really resembles batter

Resist the temptation to lick the spoon: Our Cold-Cure Rosin Batter really does look and feel like cake batter.

Its thick and buttery texture is the result of the last step of production. After being slightly agitated, the live rosin extract is placed in a glass container and cooled until it transforms from a thick liquid to a more solid state that can be easily scooped into a dab rig.

This pleasing batter consistency is quite different than that of other types of concentrates, such as shatter (which is thin, partially translucent and has the malleability of salt water taffy) and crumble (which has a more wax-like consistency).

5. It packs a punch with each dab

Our Cold-Cure Rosin Batter is a sight to behold, but more importantly, it’s an experience to remember. Almost every molecule of THC, CBD and other cannabinoids lay dormant within the batter, ready to engage your endocannabinoid system when given the chance. Simply scoop a small dollop of Cold-Cure Live Rosin Batter onto a nail, heat it with a torch and inhale deeply from the dab rig to enjoy one of the most elevated experiences a concentrate can produce.

Learn more about äkta’s Cold-Cure Rosin Batter and check it out for yourself by visiting one of our partner dispensaries in Colorado.

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