What are the Benefits of Solventless Cannabis Concentrates?

At its most fundamental level, cannabis requires little effort to be enjoyed: Simply pluck a flower bud from the plant, let it dry out a little, pack the ground flower into a bowl and spark up. But there’s another time-tested method that truly elevates the cannabis experience. 

Though the process for making äkta’s solventless Live Rosin is lengthier and more involved, this golden, full-spectrum extract provides a complete representation of the plant’s depth of flavors, effects and therapeutic benefits—and is equally easy to enjoy in a vape cartridge or an edible.

Here are some key differences between solventless cannabis concentrates and other forms of cannabis extracts:

Spotlighting a Strain’s Unique Qualities

Regardless of how you choose to ingest cannabis, whether it’s rolling ground buds into a joint or popping an äkta Live Rosin Gummy, there’s no reason the means of consumption should influence how you enjoy the flower—especially when it comes to trying new strains.

äkta’s clean cannabis extraction process neither adds nor subtracts anything from the flower on a molecular level. The cannabis we use is always flash-frozen upon harvest to preserve the plant’s flavorful terpenes and beneficial cannabinoids at peak freshness. 

To begin our extraction, we place the cannabis in an ice-water bath, where the plant’s resinous trichomes are gently separated from the plant through gentle agitation—collecting at the bottom of the bath and forming ice-water hash. Gentle heat and pressure are then applied to the hash until it transforms into a viscous, honey-like form known as Live Rosin, which provides the depth of flavor and full entourage of effects of the original strain.

This process differs significantly from other concentrate production processes, most of which employ the use of hydrocarbon-based chemical solvents that eliminate other elements of the cannabis flower except for the THC—the cannabinoid that most contributes to making you feel “high.” The solvents, such as butane and propane, are intended to be recaptured in the extraction process, but it’s not unheard of that residue could taint the final product.

Purity Breeds Precision

Because the final product in traditional water-based cannabis extraction serves as a precise reduction of the cannabis plant, it’s quite obvious when the original flower is of poor quality—it won’t taste like much and it will likely produce effects without any nuance to them, such as the strain’s balance of cerebral versus physical effects.

It just so happens that the process of cultivating the highest possible quality of flower is also the most eco-friendly. At äkta, we partner with Hava Gardens as our single-source supplier because their cannabis is grown in Living Soil, which encourages symbiotic relationships among the organisms in the soil biome and the plants, like when oxpecker birds ride on the backs of elephants and rhinos, picking away at annoying flies and ticks to the benefit of the massive mammals.

The soil’s burgeoning community of beneficial bacteria, nematodes, mitochondria and fungi aerate the organic matter and create nutrients for the plants by breaking down natural inputs such as kelp meal and worm castings—a process that ensures nutrients such as nitrogen can be more easily absorbed by the cannabis.

You won’t find artificial fertilizers or growth hormones in Hava Gardens’ Living Soil, ensuring the cannabis plant blooms just as nature originally intended.

A More Authentic Edibles Experience

There’s certainly nothing wrong with the taste of cookies, chocolate bars and brownies (unless you’re allergic to deliciousness), but cannabis connoisseurs know that the best edibles blend sweetness with a bit of the savory cannabis flavor. And because solventless Live Rosin preserves the full terpene and cannabinoid profile, its use in edibles provides a superior sensory experience that remains true to the original plant.

To try äkta’s Live Rosin Gummies, created via eco-friendly methods, or to enjoy the same solventless cannabis concentrates in our Live Rosin Vape Cartridges, check out our online dispensary locator.

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