äkta and Leiffa: A Look at This Dynamic Colorado Collab

Get ready for a truly special toke. In our mission to provide consumers with the most authentic cannabis experience possible, äkta has partnered with Leiffa, a top medically focused cannabis brand with a dispensary located in Lakewood, Colorado, to develop a new line of concentrate products using Leiffa’s superior leaf. These 10 Live Rosin Vape Cartridges—created from five proprietary Leiffa strains alongside five special blends—provide superior cannabis quality and a range of full-spectrum benefits for medical patients. Here’s some intel on this exciting co-branding initiative and why äkta chose Leiffa as a collaborator:

Top-Tier Cannabis From the Start

The quality of Leiffa’s cannabis is rooted in the genetics themselves: Strains are developed on a molecular level with a focus on cannabinoid and terpene profiles to produce targeted medical effects. The flower is grown under organic conditions, such as live soil, which generates a robust harvest that’s free from synthetic pesticides. The cultivation and harvesting process preserves the plant’s trichomes, which include more than 100 cannabinoids beyond THC—the cannabinoid in cannabis responsible for psychedelic effects.

At äkta, we also prioritize preservation by flash-freezing fresh cannabis immediately after it is harvested. It is not defrosted until right before we begin the process of transforming the flower into the Live Rosin found in our vape cartridges and gummies; every trichome on the plant finds its way into the final product.

A Process Free From Impurities

From stem to smoke, Leiffa guarantees a pure, clean cannabis experience due to its solventless process of making live rosin. First, the trichomes are collected from the original plant matter and condensed into a product known as hash. They then apply gentle heat and pressure to separate the viscous, golden rosin oil from the solid hash.

This represents a far cleaner process than the one many cannabis concentrate manufacturers have set up. Often, they fill their vape cartridges with live resin—which differs from live rosin due to its use of solvents, such as butane or propane, to eradicate everything in the plant that is not the THC cannabinoid. It’s an efficient method of extraction, sure, but strips away all of the other cannabinoids and terpenes, which lend the rosin its robust flavor profile and can reduce its suite of effects. There’s also a chance that live resin can retain trace amounts of solvent or other impurities.

äkta’s process mirrors that of Leiffa. Our solventless Live Rosin is the result of simple heat and pressure, which maintains the integrity of the plant while making it easy to consume. This process is of paramount importance for medical patients, who require relief without inadvertently ingesting solvents. Alongside Leiffa, we offer only the purest form of plant medicine.

Potent Uplifting and Relaxing Effects From Every Strain

The five strains offered through äkta’s partnership with Leiffa fall within the indica range while presenting distinct effects from one another. You can enjoy a new one each day of the week: After work on Monday, spend some time on your novel with Strawberry Banana, aka Strawnana, which can enhance creativity. Poontang Pie offers an initial head high—great for cooking a Tuesday dinner—followed by a body high to relieve back pain as you dine. Tropsanto is great for shaking off the hump day scaries; linger on its bold, pepper-y flavor as you check out the latest spicy true crime documentary. Thursday is date night, so pack your Tally Ho for its ability to increase, er, romantic desire. When Friday finally arrives, break out some sweet Papaya Cake to ease into the weekend with a great night’s sleep.

All of these strains, as well as the five blends, can only be found at Leiffa’s dispensary. We’re incredibly proud of this collaboration and hope other brands can work with partners to produce exciting new strains of clean cannabis.

Grab these products while you can, and be sure to check out our store locator to learn where you can purchase other high-quality, solventless äkta Live Rosin Vape Cartridges.

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