Embracing Cannabis and the Scandinavian Art of Living: Friluftsliv

Plants and people have more in common than you’d think. Especially when it comes to adapting to your natural surroundings to not just survive, but grow and thrive.

For example, the winter climate in Norway can be less than forgiving. The inland areas of the country typically run about -15 degrees Celsius (5 degrees Fahrenheit), and at times plummet to -40 degrees C (-40 F). In the city of Tromsø, located 200 miles north of the Arctic Circle, the sun doesn’t rise above the horizon between November and January.

But the icy gloom doesn’t dampen the spirits of the Norwegian people—who openly embrace the outdoors and spend as much time as possible snowshoeing through thickets of Norwegian spruce trees, enjoying some Scandinavian hydrotherapy or cross-country skiing across the tundra.

The practice of openly embracing the outdoors, regardless of weather, is known in Scandinavia as friluftsliv, or “free air life,” and has been around since the 1850s, according to the BBC.

This mindset in Norway is encouraged by its office culture as well: Many employers offer 60- to 90-minute breaks once a week, with the express purpose of getting outdoors. Norwegian citizens cherish that time, reconnecting with a world siloed from the daily grind and the web of interconnected screens that dominate modern life.

At äkta, we understand the importance of incorporating nature into daily life, which is why the cannabis we use for our products is grown in living soil. While you’re enjoying our Live Rosin Vape Cartridges or Live Rosin Gummies made from hand-crafted solventless hash oil, you can be confident that the source plants matured under holistic and eco-friendly conditions.

Here’s more on the benefits of using living soil for cannabis cultivation, and how the tradition of friluftsliv (pronounced free-loofts-liv) guides the growth of superior cannabis:

1) Living Soil is Enhanced by Nature

The spirit of friluftsliv discourages damaging what lives outdoors: Norwegians want to experience the environment in the same, untarnished way their ancestors did.

The composition of living soil includes a natural ecosystem all its own. Beneficial bacteria, worms and insects work in concert to create compost that imbues the soil with nutrients, and they also protect the soil from harmful pests and disease.

This also means that the biome does the heavy lifting in keeping plants healthy, and there’s no need to add synthetic fertilizers, till the soil or spray the plants with pesticides, which could show up as trace residue in the final product. Everything required to cultivate top-notch cannabis naturally exists in living soil.

2) Living Soil Helps Preserve Plant Purity

With living soil, microorganisms aid in plant growth by feeding the flower. The natural process of decomposition, in which organic matter such as kitchen scraps and leaves are broken down by living organisms, helps to free up nutrients and make them more easily absorbed by the plant.

Additionally, worms and beneficial insects poke around in the soil, opening it up to more aeration and space for the cannabis plant to further stretch its roots. As plants mature, the resulting buds and flowers develop a robust full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes, both of which are responsible for the flower’s effects.

The cannabis cultivators who engage in friluftsliv aim to elevate the purest form of nature—not just what’s above ground, but what’s below our feet, as well.

3) Living Soil Requires Fewer Resources

Nurturing a living soil ecosystem with a steady stream of composted organic matter means that a natural balance is maintained as mature plants are harvested and new plants take their place.

Compare this practice with the highly controlled world of indoor cultivation. It may not sound too disruptive at first glance, but many indoor cultivators fully replace their pots of growing medium with every harvest batch. However, this step is not only a resource-intensive process, it’s essentially hitting the “reset” button on the natural growth cycle.

Why is this even necessary in an indoor grow? Along with relying primarily on artificial lighting, maintaining a “clean” environment that’s as sterilized as possible is the name of the game to limit issues with pests and disease invading from the outside world.

The continual use of living soil is healthier for both the plants, and the planet. So you can feel good about how äkta live rosin is the end result of a more natural growth process.

4) Living Soil Helps Create Better Cannabis, and Cannabis Experiences

Wherever you are, you can enjoy friluftsliv however you like. As winter gives way to the enjoyable longer days of spring and summer, some choose to embark on hikes while others plan first dates around bike rides and family reunions around camping trips.

But no matter the destination or activity, äkta’s Live Rosin Vape Cartridges and Live Rosin Gummies slot right in: Enjoy a few puffs while stargazing on a balmy night or pop a gummy before hitting the trails.

Learn more about where you can pick up äkta’s products by checking out our store locator.

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