Why Fresh-Frozen Cannabis Makes the Best Concentrates

In a perfect world, cannabis flowers would bloom around us all of the time. After a long day of work or before a music festival, we would simply head to the fields and grab fistfuls of fresh cannabis, ripe for the picking.

Party on, flower child.

Alas, this level of abundance is out of reach for most consumers. But a glorious cannabis experience awaits with products such as äkta’s Live Rosin concentrates and edibles that are made from cannabis that is fresh frozen right after harvest. Having a world-class ingredient ensures that our craft batches of Live Rosin are of the utmost potency and contain all of the seductive aromas of cannabis flowers at their peak.

Learn more about why fresh-frozen cannabis is the gold standard for use in concentrates:

That New Car Smell

Preparing cannabis for concentrate production is kind of like buying a car: Once you drive your new car off the lot, it’s no longer considered “new” and can’t be resold for full price. Similarly, fresh cannabis is only fresh once—during the brief window between when it’s harvested and when the drying and curing process kicks off. As time passes, exposure to air and the loss of plant moisture will degrade the cannabis, causing it to lose potency and flavor.

The practice of fresh-freezing cannabis is focused on preservation. This process protects the plant’s trichomes—the crystalline, resinous elements that contain all of the flower’s terpenes and cannabinoids—and ensures they can be extracted in full. Frozen storage also hardens the buds against the effects of condensation.

When removed from the freezer, these cannabis flowers are pretty much the same as the rich, fragrant buds you would grab right off the stem; there’s nothing better than that “new cannabis smell,” no matter when you decide to take it for an inaugural spin.

Pressing Into Impressive Products

Fresh-frozen cannabis truly blossoms when used in äkta’s Live Rosin line of concentrates, vape carts and edibles. 

While most concentrate manufacturers utilize noxious chemicals to pull THC away from the plant matter, our process is entirely solventless. At äkta we go the traditional route with trichome collecting, first creating condensed ice-water hash. We then extract the exquisite Live Rosin hash oil by applying gentle heat and pressure to the ice-water hash. 

Not only does this method eliminate any chance of ingesting runoff from chemical solvents, but it also ensures that the full strain profile of terpenes and cannabinoids are fully represented in the concentrate’s final form.

The depth of flavor and effects of äkta’s Live Rosin are unlike anything else on the market. 

Our Live Rosin offers a true representation of the original cannabis plant, and a single puff or bite can yield a sublime, nuanced high that only comes from a full spectrum of terpenes and cannabinoids. This also means that our single-strain Live Rosin concentrates present a precise expression of a particular cannabis strain; our Live Rosin blends made by our expert hashmakers take the taste to new levels where terpenes complement one another and no cannabinoids are wasted.

The all-natural process used by äkta is at its best when the source material is of the utmost quality—cannabis grown in Living Soil from Hava Gardens—and the flower doesn’t get any better than when it’s fresh frozen right after harvest.

Clean Cannabis, Conveniently

One benefit to concentrated cannabis is how easy the products are to store and carry around—it’s incredibly inconvenient to keep a pipe pristine or lug a bong to a friend’s house just to share a cannabis experience. 

Products made with äkta’s Live Rosin, including our Cold Cure Batter, Vape Cartridges and Gummies, fit in your pocket and are easy to share and share alike. And because these concentrates are rooted in fresh frozen cannabis from Hava Gardens, you can be sure you’ll be enjoying clean cannabis that contains all of the terpenes and cannabinoids you want, without a single trace of a solvent or pesticide you don’t want.

Check out äkta’s website for more information on why fresh-frozen cannabis makes the best concentrates and where to find our products.

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