How Marijuana Companies are Combating the Effects of Climate Change

From wildfires to drought to hurricanes, a changing climate means more extreme weather for cannabis companies up and down the supply chain.

But no one is more directly impacted by these changes than marijuana growers.

Depending on where a grow operation is located, the challenge that climate change presents is different.

“There isn’t a single region that isn’t experiencing something,” said Ben Gelt, chair of the Cannabis Certification Council, which has a focus on sustainability efforts for marijuana businesses.

Solventless Rosin: A New Horizon for Cannabis Edibles?

Cannabis rosins are quickly taking center stage in the legal market. Considered by many to be the highest quality, cleanest cannabis concentrates available, solventless extracts aren’t produced with hydrocarbons or harsh chemicals, only ice water along with a bit of heat and pressure.However, in edibles...

How to Dab Live Rosin Concentrates

How to Dab Live Rosin Concentrates Most people’s exposure to cannabis use begins with films and TV shows—a character sparks a joint, packs a bong or, perhaps for comedic effect, accidentally consumes a sugary edible. But rarely does anyone in the pop culture zeitgeist construct what appears...

How cultivators can prepare for a cannabis harvest

Both indoor and outdoor marijuana and hemp growers can give themselves a leg up by thinking ahead when it comes to arguably the most crucial step in the entire cultivation process: harvest. Cultivators aiming to dial in their harvest techniques should consider the following: Have...

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